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Hello! I’m Kelly - interior designer, traveler, and coffee guzzler. My day consists of helping wonderful people like you who are ready to make a change in their life and home. Specializing in Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation as well as interiors for secondary homes I'm committed to seeing your dreams become a reality. After our initial consultation, you’ll walk away with peace of mind knowing that your home design project is in good hands. Your assurance is my priority and I’ll be with you every step of the way. I look forward to creating your dream. 

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The consultation for a renovation is extremely important. Whether you need help finding a general contractor or need help breathing life back into a room, having a peace of mind on how to get started will save you in the long run. Call now to schedule your 1hr consultation.    

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Secondary Home Renovation 

Does your vacation home (or Airbnb) need a facelift or a complete renovation? I have designed beach-front properties as well as mountain cabins and everything in-between. I will work with your contractor or help you find one and handle all details.
Allow me to make your vacation home into a relaxing oasis.   

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Did you know that you spend over 700 days in the bathroom during your lifetime. It's the first room you visit upon waking and the last before bed. It's what people look at the most when buying a house. Why not create a beautiful space! Go bold for energy or make it earthly for relaxation.  

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The heart of the home - the kitchen. It's where everyone gathers, memories are made and stories are told. On average a person spends over 400 hours a year in their kitchen. Whether you are a cook, an entertainer or a regular joe, your kitchen should reflect you. Let's make your dream happen!   

I believe
that your space should not only reflect who you are but also be a work of art for others to

I believe that
your space should not only reflect who you are but also be a work of art for others to admire. 

Our Philosophy

From experience I know what it feels like to come home to a house and not love every aspect of it. Always knowing there’s something to fix or not wanting to spend the money on a renovation because the phrase ‘I can do that myself’ always enters the mind but it never gets done. I want to help the people who worked so hard to buy their home to enjoy their home. There is nothing like coming home from a hard day’s work and feeling peaceful because the home that you worked so hard to purchase is exactly the way you want it. 

Our Mission


Nate Burkus

your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love.